Hadi Alizadeh

Tonbak Book - 2020 -: Oriental Rhythms 40 €
Author: Hadi Alizadeh
ISBN 978-3-9822323-2-4
Ring binding, 213 pages
The book is written for Tonbak (Persian classical drum). The book is also suitable for other types of hand drums
such as frame drums which are played on the knee. I learned to play the tonbak for many years from the master "Bahman Rajabi" in Tehran/Iran and I use his notation system. He has brought the notation system into line and revolutionized drumming. The book is aimed at beginners through to advanced players. Some of my pieces are over 25 years old, from the time I lived in Iran. You can find that out by playing
find out as you play. Of course, the character changes with increasing experience.
The book has over 200 pages. The language is German/English and it also contains pictures and explanations and, of course, lots of sheet music.